Our Ice Cream

In line with the ancient proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”, our ice cream emerged as a solution for chefs in top-tier restaurants who, despite their best efforts, were unable to locate ice cream products in the current market guaranteeing sufficiently high levels of quality to compliment state-of-the-art dishes in their respective establishments.

As a result, OAK & ICE fuses traditional, artisanal manufacturing with exceptional, premium recipes encompassing the master art of Italian ice cream. Our goal is to offer to our clients a distinguished alternative to mass-produced industrial ice cream.

Our ice cream is hand crafted from quality primary ingredients such as fresh milk, fresh cream, sugar, cocoa, vanilla and nuts as well as seasonal and exotic fruits.

We use local components at every possible turn, starting with our milk. Only grass-grazed milk pasteurized at the lowest possible temperature on our local dairy farm makes it into OAK & ICE ice cream.

We also have a great respect for non-dairy-based sorbets and are delighted to announce that the fruit content in our sorbets is the highest among the products available in the HoReCa market, totalling 60%. Subsequently, we offer rich, ultra-creamy and delectable sorbets made from purely natural ingredients - Not a drop of milk in them!

We love introducing new seasonal selections into the mix which we source from local suppliers and naturally, our more exotic flavours depend upon ingredients that grow a little further from home. In these cases, we hand pick the best farms throughout the world and import fruits directly from Brazil as deep-freezed, high quality pulps, with absolutely no added sugar or preservatives. Those fruits ripening in the southern sun let us produce our more avant-garde creations.

Whilst our manufacturing methods are based on tradition, our alluring flavours are far from conventional. In addition to our vast range of popular modern classics and fusions, we can also provide an assortment of custom-made flavours ranginging from foie gras to buckwheat or gorgonzola. For more information on custom flavours, please get in touch.