Our Story

Our passion for home grown, slow-paced cuisine has deep roots in Berlin, which is why we chose here to start not only our business, but our little family too.

With a love and respect for Berlin’s recent gastronomic shift to include a variety of fusions, raw food, organic produce and conscious production methods, we wanted to add our passion and expertise to the movement.

We’re lucky enough to source our produce from an outstanding, homespun source using strictly natural ingredients, enabling us to select the very best flavours and provide fresh, hearty produce. We do this by never compromising when it comes to our values and ingredients.

Since marrying and deciding to raise our daughter the ever-curious little explorer in Berlin, our love for good, clean food, enriching travel and living with a pinch of hedonism has carried us on this weird and wonderful journey to OAK & ICE, which we now invite you to be a part of!